CRD 2017 Annual Report + Image Bank

Photography Quote

Thank you for inviting me to submit a quote. In brief I have been photographing for the CRD since 2007. Everything from sustainability, annual report, renewable resources, water conservation to mention a few. Many of my images are on CRD's website as well your recent book "Shaping the Capital Region Over 50 Years. My strengths are the ability to tell a story through my imagery and making the subjects at ease. A lot of time goes into culling and curation of the images to fit your vision and save you time.



Photography Description

  • 3 full days of photography
  • approximately 15 locations / average 5 locations a day
  • 50 images (to be photographed and from my library)
  • CRD Staff is to accompany me on all 3 days
  • transport provided by CRD
  • unlimited license usage on upcoming photography
  • non-exclusive purchase from existing library

Estimate + Images and Workflow

  • FULL DAY of photography $1500 (includes all chosen final images taken within that day) unlimited license usage
  • HALF DAY of photography $750 (includes all chosen final images taken within that half day) unlimited license usage
  • PER HOUR $350/hr (includes chosen final images taken within that hour)
  • $125 per image from existing library (non-exclusive purchase)
  • online gallery to view all curated images
  • 50 final chosen images

the above rates include all post production and high resolution Tiffs as well as web ready jpgs.


Rachel Penner 1-778-679-8040

"I loved working with Hélène on corporate photography projects because I could trust that she would always get the exact shot I needed. She satisfied all my technical requirements while still ensuring each subject felt at ease, resulting in photos that looked natural rather than posed. Additionally, her post-production skills were top-notch, bringing to life even those photos taken under challenging circumstances!" – Rachel

Aleya Samji 250-888-2084

Monique Booth (on maternity leave)

Thank you for inviting my quote for your upcoming event.