Bodega Ridge, Galiano Island BC

With fabulous Laura and Josh and their annimated entourage!

OMG, one of those energetic days between sunshine showers, downpour, brilliant and bright hot sun, then back to rain again. Combined with the laughter of Laura and Josh and all guests welcoming it all

It was my first time shooting at Bodega Ridge, a spectacular venue! And the food… holy!

For now a sneak peek as I start to edit..


2 days in my beloved city is far too short but I’ll take what I can get. In those 2 days of walking 30+ C and what seemed like 300% humidity. I came across a lovely elderly women with fake grass under her yellow beach umbrella, insane thunder storms, Yan who travels with pet rats and cat for a little help from passers by in order to feed his furry loved ones and I heard Shwartz’s restaurant was saved by Celin Dion and now attracts an insane line-up. The good news is the sudden rain fall prompted me to walk into a reputable gallery and connected with gallery’s owner Juno and if all goes well, may have an exhibit there!:)