creative photography


and her charm is an up and coming gem of a singer and song writer, holy molly! We spent the afternoon together using both the studio and some outdoor late afternoon sun. Can't say too much right now other than she's one talented lady and the camera loves her! For now, hush hush as things are in the works. Your ears will soon be delighted:)

Weddings 2017

To all you loving and creative couples of 2017, a great BIG thank you!
From fairy tale castle weddings to private backyards to the remote fields and sand dunes of Haida Gwaii, each wedding has been unique and heartfelt. Celebrating your love, your creativity and playfulness is the biggest gift of all! Fueled to the brim with gratitude, a thousand times thank you for your awesomeness!

Dream Cab "Lustrare"

Always a treat to photograph Monique and her sweet dancers. We actually shot this in mid-December in between rain and stormy days. One of those freaky Sundays where the sun rays were just enough to keep the dancers from hypothermia and their humor was relentless. True professionals. If you have a chance to see the show, I highly recommend you go. High Octane for sure! The dance is described as "Saucy surreal flamenco dance fusion theatre". (poster design by Amanda Maslany)