travel photography

Some Desert and Grand Canyon

Much respect towards the wonders and vast beauty of the Grand Canyon and surrounding deserts. Ha! But be mindful when stepping off the trail if only for a pee or a better view. Some of those puny little cacti's are clever in defense and will send you to the furthest star should you rub or step on it. If you have the chance, Bright Angel trail is a stunning 10k hike down to the 1st plateau then another 10k hike back up.  Felt awesome! (pixs of me by David)

Spain and Catalonia

You are both imposingly beautiful, and delightfully kind. Filled to the brim with culture, history, delicious tapas and wine! Maria and Dag from Hidden Places so generously invited me to their exquisite home tucked away on the edge of the rich historic Ebro river. It is easy to spot old bits of pottery from ancient past. "In antiquity, the Ebro was used as the dividing line between Roman (north) and Carthaginian (south) expansions after the First Punic War (264–241 BC)" ..states Wikipedia. The images below are but a glimpse of Spain's magnificence! My encounters with Maria, Dag,  Lucia, Jocelyne and many more are simply precious to me. Muchas Gracias y Salud! xoxoxo