Montréal, mom, friends and it’s awesomeness

The warmth of the people, the vibrant colors and easy going laid back “laissez-faire” temperament of the city is incredibly nourishing! A few visual treats; a former bank transformed into a coffee shop, boutique Eva on St. Laurence, outstanding jungle Gym in Old Montréal, café Italia (best coffee ever!).. the list goes on.

Watching a warm sunrise from moms’ window. Witnessing her and her husband Jacques growing old together gracefully is a gift beyond measure! She was so playful hamming it up in the country side.
My dearest friends Robert and Mance sharing their beautiful home and culinary expertise! And traveling with you David, laughing and hearing your French improve daily has warmed my heart. I feel very enriched and grateful! thank you Roy Surette for the LOVE pix and David for capturing me and my mom in her bliss xox