New Zealand's North Island

and my sweet visit with Félix, Abbey and Holly.

There are countless beautiful places in the world. Some have untouched beaches, others luscious forests, some places have more mystery and culture. I can not by any means claim to have seen it all. However from what I've seen in my short month stay in the subtropical North Island of New Zealand, this country appears to have it all! I hear spectacular things about the South too which I hope to visit one day soon.

What I'll miss the most about NZ... my son Félix of course, Abbey and Holly. Riddled with life force and bountiful energies. They don’t ever stop exploring! I will miss the majestic waterfalls, the long walks on hard packed sand and endless white beaches, the sweet color of the water, the rolling hills, small winding roads, exotic looking plants, the endless calls of cicadas and crickets, the beauty of the Māori people, massive ferns and trees, free roaming sheep and livestock, the eloquent sounds from a Tui bird, the massive and majestic Kauri tree, the sudden fall of soft rain followed by hard rain then back to soft, the salutations from peaceful strangers, and walking bare feet just about anywhere.

I won't miss the stress of crossing the street as a pedestrian (note to self, look right first, then left, then right. And lastly I won't miss pretending I will achieve an award winning image of sheep with my 35mm lens. These free roaming grazing sheep see you coming miles away! And lastly, I won’t miss my slow traveling laptop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Félix, Abbey and Holly for welcoming me into your home and graciously share your part of your corner of the world, tolerating my lens and making my holiday incredibly special! I’m forever grateful, xox

Some Desert and Grand Canyon

Much respect towards the wonders and vast beauty of the Grand Canyon and surrounding deserts. Ha! But be mindful when stepping off the trail if only for a pee or a better view. Some of those puny little cacti's are clever in defense and will send you to the furthest star should you rub or step on it. If you have the chance, Bright Angel trail is a stunning 10k hike down to the 1st plateau then another 10k hike back up.  Felt awesome! (pixs of me by David)