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Monique Salez & The Dream Cab

These three great and beautiful intriguing wolves, will perform a contemporary flamenco piece at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival show, Thursday, September 27, 8PM
“Los Labios de La Loba” by Monique Salez & the Dream Cab (Victoria)
at 823 Seymour Street Thursday, September 27, 2018 | The Annex

Always a pleasure and honour Monique and good company to have you talented ladies in my studio. Lucky to those who'll see you perform your magic!



and her charm is an up and coming gem of a singer and song writer, holy molly! We spent the afternoon together using both the studio and some outdoor late afternoon sun. Can't say too much right now other than she's one talented lady and the camera loves her! For now, hush hush as things are in the works. Your ears will soon be delighted:)