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Weddings 2017

To all you loving and creative couples of 2017, a great BIG thank you!
From fairy tale castle weddings to private backyards to the remote fields and sand dunes of Haida Gwaii, each wedding has been unique and heartfelt. Celebrating your love, your creativity and playfulness is the biggest gift of all! Fueled to the brim with gratitude, a thousand times thank you for your awesomeness!

Kimberley and Marcia, Haida Gwaii BC

A true honour to be photographing Kimberley and Marcia’s intimate wedding surrounded by Haida Gwaii’s delicious magic.
Breathtaking endless sandy beaches and a tremendous sky that appears eternal. I say honour because, for one Kimberley herself is a well known photographer in the film industry and two, flown to Haida Gwaii was a gift as I took an extra day to myself to mourn my father quietly. The spirit of this Island does just that, it truly heals. Kimberley greets me at the airport and I felt an immediate affinity for her! Followed by the generous and comfortable greeting from Marcia, family and dear friends. Susan Musgrave famous Poet and Author and friend to the both brides officiated their wedding. The light was surreal and perpetual on the 21st of June, the sun sets late but barely. This is a wedding I will always cherish and look forward to seeing the French’s again!

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