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Engagement Photography

with Sara and Bryan and two stunning owls named Danny and Elton. One can hire them from a place in Duncan called Raptors. I presume it’s a way to help finance the recovery and wildlife refuge center. Needless to say it was such a privilege to be close to these birds let alone look closely into their eyes! No sudden brisk movement nor touching their feathers was the rule. I could go on and on about the experience.. Sara and Bryan, you are a joy and I can not wait to photograph your wedding in May at Hatley Castle! (last photo is of me admiring the owl taken by Bryan, thank you!)


and her charm is an up and coming gem of a singer and song writer, holy molly! We spent the afternoon together using both the studio and some outdoor late afternoon sun. Can't say too much right now other than she's one talented lady and the camera loves her! For now, hush hush as things are in the works. Your ears will soon be delighted:)