Family Bonds and Belonging, Royal BC Museum

June 2 - Oct 31st 2017                                              

So very excited and honoured to be a part of this exhibit at the Royal BC Museum! An exhibit that probes the question "...What is a family? Can you pick your family or is it determined by blood? Is family who you share holidays with? Or who you share your daily routines with..." It's an interactive exhibit as well and one can not help feel emotional throughout the show. There are a total of 26 images of mine in it, some of which are 5-6 feet long! I'm certain the families that are depicted in these images will be very delighted to see themselves here.  I know it meant the world to me see my dad on the wall. Although he died not so long ago, to see him in this exhibit was like a memorial and I know he will be pleased. (Félix is standing next to him in the pix below) and also pix of me by David Epp merci!

Thank you to David Stewart for remembering my love and fascination for families and to the Museum's team for your vision and hard work:)