Helene Cyr

My long love of visually documenting humanity and their environs comes in handy when photographing wedding celebrations. Much of my knowledge of story capture is applied the same way. My fine arts background also comes in handy when doing the creatives. My approach remains discreet and candid, sometimes playful, and other times I step in and guide the family groupings or direct the creatives (should you wish). People say they barely noticed me throughout the day. Perfect I think.

Having photographed over 250 weddings, I can honestly say each wedding is a unique story. This excites me! You have no doubt put a lot of energy and attention planning your wedding day, now time to kick back and let your story unfold visually. My job is to capture every nuance of your special day. The magic of it all, the emotions, the surprises, details and unexpected are all on my radar. I will create classic, timeless photographs that you will treasure for years and even generations to come.

My work has been exhibited alongside Annie Liebovitz, Agence STOCK Photo, Contact Press Image, Alberto Korda, and many others. My first book, Handmade Forest: The Treeplanters Experience, was a finalist in 1998 BC Book Prize.

Wedding photography starts from $3,000 - $4,200  /  Available for travel

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studio 303 - 648 Herald Street, Victoria BC V8W 1S7




 Approach & FAQ’s

Will we meet before our wedding?

I love to meet all my clients to ensure we’re a good fit and have a chat beforehand. I’m always keen for a nice coffee or a friendly cocktail on a Friday night. If you’re far away or overseas, we can Skype instead. It is ideal to meet one way or another pre-wedding and have the opportunity to discuss your vision.

We’re not really into the posing

Excellent, because neither am I.

I do very little posing other than a quick family portrait session. It's barely posing really.. mostly grouping. I keep this short and sweet so not to lose the dynamics between the family members and take away from the flow of your wedding day.

I’m mostly hired to document the day as it unfolds and focus on capturing the emotions of people most dear to you. I won’t get you to fake anything, and the photos will reflect who you really are. Ideally you won't know I’m there – I carry very little gear which frees me to move fluidly and inconspicuously.

Do you work off a shot list?

Every wedding is as unique as you are, so I go by what is special to you. I welcome a reasonable shot list such as specific family groupings, but no more than 6 groupings! Otherwise the day is dictated and constricted. I strive to focus time on the full day as a story.

Do you have a second shooter?

I prefer to work alone to keep the media less invasive and not draw attention to our cameras. But am certainly not opposed to a second shooter should you require one due to special requirements.

Do you edit the images?

Absolutely, every single one!  My background both in fine arts and photo journalism has me on my toes with critical story telling and rendering of the images. No ugly watermarks nor extra image fees.

How are the photos finished?

All images are curated and given full-post production treatment and yours as print ready and web ready images. The editing process is just as much of my service as is the photography, and takes almost as long if not longer. I generally delivery between 250-500 images to my clients from their wedding day. You will receive your images via an online gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. Shortly after I will send you a USB or a Wetransfer link with all the high resolution images.

Can family and friends view or buy images?

A gallery site Smugmug or compatible online gallery (depending on upgrades and new options) will host all of your edited images for family and guests to view and download for free (this service frees you from the headache of managing print orders yourselves). Be assured you will also be receiving all curated images either on a USB or through Wetransfer within 4-6 weeks of your wedding day.

How much time do we need for the creative portraits at the wedding?

This may vary from couple to couple and your expectations. Ideally around 30 min to 1 hour, which doesn’t include travel time. Or if the light and environment is just right, it can be as short as 5-10 minutes. Many factors to consider, and we definitely will discuss this in advance in order to meet your expectations.