Here is a bio and link of me in action. Helene Cyr featured´╗┐

My long love of visually documenting humanity and their environs is applied to just about everything I do from personal to hired work. My approach remains discreet and candid, sometimes playful, and other times I gently guide the family groupings or direct the creatives (should you wish). People say they barely noticed me throughout the day. Perfect I think.


Having photographed over 250 weddings, I can honestly say each wedding is a unique story. This excites me and keeps me going! The magic of it all, the emotions, the surprises, details and unexpected are all on my radar. My aim is to create classic, timeless photographs for you to treasure for years and even generations to come.

My work has been exhibited alongside Annie Liebovitz, Agence STOCK Photo, Contact Press Image, Alberto Korda, and many others. My first book, Handmade Forest: The Treeplanters Experience, was a finalist in 1998 BC Book Prize.

Wedding photography starts from $3,000 - $4,200  /  Available for travel

I look forward to hearing from you!