Salima with new born Elijah!

Normally I don’t advertise myself as a newborn and baby portrait photographer but when Salima (a wedding client) asked me to capture her 2 week old I did not hesitate. Little Elijah is overflowing with character and in our short time together I felt the pull at my heart when they left the studio.

Krystle and Greg, Deep Cove Chalet, Saanichton BC

Elegance, romance, and humor come to mind when I think of this lovely couple. A noon wedding under (thankfully) magnificent shady trees! Officiated by my favorite wedding commissioner Sherry-Lynne Easthom. Deep Cove Chalet is well known for it’s fine dining! Bare in mind they only do luncheons for weddings, but oh so delicious! Due to noon light, we took more pictures in the eve in Victoria’s fancy alley ways.

Laura, Mike, active Isabelle and little junior on its’ way

I don’t advertise myself as a family photographer, not because I don’t like it, but because I choose to focus elsewhere. Weddings, personal assignments and STOCK, plenty to keep me busy. However, when a couple returns with little wee ones I feel honored and blessed to record and contribute to their memorandum. Laura’s about to give birth to her second child while I write this blog. Wishing you the very best Laura and Co., meeting this new little wee guy:)