Laura, Mike, active Isabelle and little junior on its’ way

I don’t advertise myself as a family photographer, not because I don’t like it, but because I choose to focus elsewhere. Weddings, personal assignments and STOCK, plenty to keep me busy. However, when a couple returns with little wee ones I feel honored and blessed to record and contribute to their memorandum. Laura’s about to give birth to her second child while I write this blog. Wishing you the very best Laura and Co., meeting this new little wee guy:)

Backyard picnic photos with the Lathrops’

There’s nothing like inviting your photographer for diner, leaving the kids and yard as natural and as they are. The results are honest and heartfelt. It’s the 2nd time I photograph the Lathrops’ and it’s a treat to return and witness the children growing. Little Farley asked if I could be their baby sitter. I don’t recall feeling so moved in a long while!

Shanela and Rick, Brock House, Vancouver, BC

Always a treat to photograph in Vancouver. With golden hearts, Shanela and Rick share their 5 rescue dogs to walk down the Isle (not an exact science) at the famous Brock House, Vancouver. Nothing phased this couple even though the wedding was late due to circumstances, and that the dogs had their own agenda. They simply made each moment count. Their humor and devoted love for one another was set in stone!

Tanya and Ian’s, fabulous backyard wedding, BC

Once in awhile there is a backyard wedding that simply stands out. Tanya and Ian’s is certainly one of them! Words that come to mind are gratitude, humor, grace, elegance, and abundance of support and kinship. Their genuine love for one another and for others resonates. With very little agenda, the day was free flowing and both children and adults mingled naturally. The A team involved to make all this happen were, Christine Smart (event planner extraordinaire) from Smart events, hair by Elena Conscious Hair and makeup by Melanie Baird, Peter Scales and Kim (wedding officiants), exquisite food by Truffles Catering, stunning flowers from Verbena Flowers, and finally the hip DJ Joshua. Working along side David, good friend and videographer was pretty special too.