Hot Yoga at Hudson Yoga

It is a privilege to photograph such a dedicated group of health minded motivated individuals. A true testament to will power and overcoming some discomfort for the inevitable gift of healing and well being. Admittedly, not so long ago, I was apprehensive to the the seemingly hip and fast growing industry of yoga. A year and half ago my sweetheart David motivated me to try and I can’t thank him enough. It’s one of those things you don’t know until you try and try again until it sinks in. It simply feels damn good! Thank you to the staff and patrons of Hudson Yoga for tolerating my lens in exchange for some sweet hot yoga with you awesome people!

Anna and Kaelan, St Ann’s Academy, Victoria BC

Anna, a lover of sailing was THRILLED with this blustery bone chilled gale force winds where the winds howled so loud, we had to scream to be heard. We had only minutes outside the car before we were soaked by wind and rain. Most memorable experience! The evening was followed by much singing and dance at the Victoria Yacht Club with very animated family and guests! Kim Jay, you are a treat to work with!

Crystal, Chris, Oliver and Ellice (sneak peek)

There are a few selected favorite families that I have the privilege to photograph year after year. Why? Because you let things flow, you let your children wear PJ’s as their choice of costume, you let them fall and play and be children. So many more images to come!

Danielle and Rob, Blaylock Mansion, Nelson BC

Danielle and Rob chose Blaylock Mansion to share their wedding with close family and friends. A fabulous venue I might add, the grounds are stunning! It poured cats and dogs all day until the very last minute pre-ceremony. Just enough time to quickly wipe the chairs and proceed with an outdoor ceremony. Their wedding cake were rounds of fancy cheese, most brilliant I say! Countless heartfelt speeches and solid dancing, good fun!

Portrait session with Oliver Swain

There’s no question that Oliver photographs well. A beautiful and talented musician who’s charisma is both intriguing and genuine. When we get together for these sessions there’s no set plan. We work with the existing light and let things flow in a liminal space. How I love that!