Sarah + Daniel, and off to Québec

Sarah and Daniel eloped in 2010 and I had the privilege to photograph their heartfelt wedding ceremony. The privilege continues as they have invited me to photograph their families’ maple syrup farm in “La Belle Province” Québec! Life is full of delectable surprises! Back on the 17th and will keep in touch:)

Students for an afternoon

A delightful afternoon with students in my studio learning some lighting techniques and connecting with their models.
Thank you Matt, Kate, Brigid, Avery, Larkin, Emma, Jasmine, and Teagan for bringing in sunshine and laughter into this space:)

Wedding Summary Favourites 2014

Year 2014 was a remarkable year for weddings. Each and every couple along with their family and guests were a pleasure to photograph!
A true privilege beyond measure to witness your love, camaraderie and kind support. The images I chose (although so many more..) are the subtitles I remember, the laughter, the beauty, the surprises, the rain.. the relentless beating sun. It is such a joy to capture the array of heightened emotions, tender rich moments, humour, grace, friendship, and love all condensed into a day and to summarize your story with all that I witnessed with my camera. A heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart!