Wedding Testimonials

As I go through these incredible hand written testimonials, beautiful cards as well as emails, I am reminded how grateful I am to have met such incredible couples and their families and friends. The letters continuously say I have captured your spirit of the day and surpassed your expectations, but quite honestly, it is I who is nourished by your sharing hearts and generous openness. Truly and sincerely deeply honored to have been welcomed and to be a visual part of your journey!


Engagement photography

There’s nothing like getting to know your photographer before the wedding day. Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.
Although we keep in contact throughout the year and establish some connection, nothing compares to an engagement session of 2-3 hours to get to really know you! (here are a few samples)

Tofino wedding pictures, BC

These images were taken in Tofino over the past few years and are a summary for couples to view should they contemplate the magical place called Tofino and Long Beach Lodge Resort. One of my favorite places to photograph weddings! Such a magic place!

Sarah + Daniel, and off to Québec

Sarah and Daniel eloped in 2010 and I had the privilege to photograph their heartfelt wedding ceremony. The privilege continues as they have invited me to photograph their families’ maple syrup farm in “La Belle Province” Québec! Life is full of delectable surprises! Back on the 17th and will keep in touch:)

Students for an afternoon

A delightful afternoon with students in my studio learning some lighting techniques and connecting with their models.
Thank you Matt, Kate, Brigid, Avery, Larkin, Emma, Jasmine, and Teagan for bringing in sunshine and laughter into this space:)