Ricki and Brett, Abkhazi Gardens, Victoria BC

A fabulous intimate wedding with supportive and fun families only at the picturesque Abkhazi gardens where Ricki and Brett shared their vows and surprise dance. Just enough wind and Autumn clouds and two playful lovebirds to make for a fun photo session! Ricki requested some image wash which is a treat time to time as I get in touch with my fine arts side.

Karam and Gary, Richmond BC

Elegance, laughter, spirited and colourfully dressed people, surrounded by supportive families and friends and kindred spirits come to mind when I think of Karam and Gary’s wedding. A true privilege to be a part of the Chakals’ energetic family once more for their youngest daughter’s wedding. A remarkable family whom welcomes me with kindness and open arms. Karam and Gary’s love priceless!

Road Trip and STOCK (sneak peak)

From luscious rain forest on the Washington Coast to giant sand dunes in Oregon, David and I spent a fabulous and intense week working on various themes for STOCK and editorial imagery. We clocked a few miles to say the least and worked remarkably well together. More to come…